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Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Hanna Alonim
The Mifne Center for Treatment, Research and Training, Israel

Title: Bridging the Gap Between Early Detection of Autism Prodrome in Infants and intervention: Clinical and Study Perspectives

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Gamal Al-Saied
Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Title: Unusual cause of small-bowel obstructions in infants: A warning letter to the parents

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Raffaele Pilla
St. John of God Hospital, Italy

Title: Therapeutic ketosis and the broad field of applications for the ketogenic diet: Ketone ester applications & clinical updates

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Yuping Ran
Sichuan University, China

Title: Imaging findings of pediatrics infection & parasitic skin diseases

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Luigi Vetri
University of Palermo, Italy

Title: Whole Exome Sequencing as a First-Line DiagnosticTool in Epileptic Encephalopathies

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Neena Shilen
Sunrise Hospital, India

Title: Successful outcomes with early intervention by combined comprehensive approach in treatment of Autism: A 10 years retrospective study

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Mary Anbarasi Johnson
AFHSR, Saudi Arabia

Title: Obesity among adolescents in Vellore city

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Sirma Todorova Angelova
Medical University-Varna, Bulgaria

Title: The Problem of Candida Albicans among children with renal disorders

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Luigi Marongiu
University of Heidelberg, Germany

Title: Infection with HHV-5 or HHV-4 and higher risk of colorectal cancer or inflammatory gut diseases: A systematic review

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Ozlem Dilek
University of the District of Columbia, USA

Title: Bioconjugation chemistry strategies with new fluorescent probes for live cell imaging

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Marialessandra Contino
University of Bari Aldo Moro, Italy

Title: Strategies to overcome multi drug resistance in cancer therapy

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Oteyola Ayodeji Ojo
Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

Title: Induction of abnormal sperm morphology and alterations in blood parameters and histopathology of liver, kidney and testis in mice by Awba Dam Water

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Yousef Rezk
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Bahrain

Title: The pattern of expression of human placental lactogen across normal, lactational and malignant epithelium

Oral - Pediatrics Virtual 2020
Vincent Fradet
CHU of Quebec-Laval University, Canada

Title: Omega-3 Fatty acids survey in men under active surveillance for prostate cancer: From intake to prostate tissue level

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