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Y S Milner, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Y S Milner
Barts NHS Trust, London, United Kingdom
Title: Optimising the delivery of parenteral nutrition in newborn care


The aim of nutritional support when caring for the preterm infant is to achieve a postnatal growth rate approximately similar to that expected of the normal fetus of an equivalent gestational age. However, most preterm infants fail to receive sufficient amounts of nutrients to support normal fetal growth rates. Subsequent growth restriction is a significant issue, with long-term implications for both  physical and cognitive functioning. Here we present a single-centre quality improvement initiative that successfully optimised neonatal parental nutrition feeding regimens, resulting in higher protein and lipid intakes over the first 5 days of feeding as well as greater concordance with BAPM recommendations.


Dr Y S Milner is an Academic Foundation Year 1 doctor currently training at Barts NHS Trust. Prior to studying medicine she completed a BSc in Biochemistry and an MSc in Neuroscience. In addition to research interests relating to synaptogenesis and cortical development, Dr Milner has also published work about breast-feeding practices in south-Asian communities, lipid biomarkers in Major Depressive Disorder, and currently researches social prescribing in diabetes. She also enjoys working abroad volunteering in medical outreach programs that aim to improve access to health care for remote communities and marginalized groups; she has volunteered in Venezeula, Nepal, the Indian Himalayas, Botswana and Canada. In 2017, she received the Dr Abbas Khan Award for her contribution to humanitarian causes.