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Kaye Talijancich, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Perth Paediatrics, Australia


Background: Laser Tongue Tie Division is an option suitable for neonates, older children and adults. No general anaesthetic is used, but an analgesic gel is applied. The procedure is very quick, taking only 2 to 3 minutes to perform. Aim: To assess the outcome of patients who underwent tongue tie division with Diode Laser at Perth Paediatrics. Methods: We conducted a retrospective review of the 49 children who underwent Laser Repair of Tongue Tie at Perth Paediatrics between 30/01/2017 and 10/7/2017. The age of the children ranged from 4 days to 6 months. We assessed the outcome after 1 to 6 months, with a questionnaire via telephone. Of the 49 children’s mothers telephoned, a total of 41 children were contactable. The outcome was assessed in terms of improvement of breastfeeding comfort to the mother and procedural complications. Results: The outcome was assessed in terms of improvement in breastfeeding and lack of discomfort. 41 mums had immediate relief, which was rated good to excellent. 3 mums had poor immediate relief but there was improvement after 2 weeks of procedure and was rated good. Only 2 out of 41 mothers reported no relief in improvement in breastfeeding. Furthermore, it was noted that reflux symptoms in 3 children decreased post laser treatment and a weight gain increase was noted. There were no immediate or delayed procedural complications in terms of post-operative bleeding, infection, scaring or recurrence. Conclusion: 95.2% (39/41) of children who underwent Tongue Tie Division with Laser, were reported by their mothers, to have improvement in breastfeeding improvement in terms of latch/leakage. This outcome also included an improvement in the mother’s discomfort. ie. nipple pain, nipple damage and mastitis.


Kaye studied Bachelor of Science – Nursing, at Curtin University and graduated as a Registered Nurse in 2008. Kaye currently works as Registered Nurse (part-time) looking after babies under 28 days at Neonatal Department at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, Subiaco, Perth (WA). Her previous paediatric nursing experience includes working at the Emergency Department, Gastroenterology and Immunology Departments at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. She has also worked for Edith Cowan University as a Paediatric Clinical Facilitator. Kaye commenced at Perth Paediatrics in 2016. She brings her skills and dedicated passion of working with children, to the first multi-specialty private paediatric clinic in Western Australia.