EPN 2022

Sarala Kannan

Sarala Kannan, Speaker at Sarala Kannan: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Tata Main Hospital, India
Title : Accidental ingestion of household substances by children – consequences and strategies for prevention


It only takes a moment for a small child to find and swallow something poisonous. The most common accidental ingestions in children are of household products, such as cleaning substances, medications, cosmetics, personal care products, and foreign bodies. Often, the products are inappropriately stored in drinking glasses or unlabeled containers, and they may be attractive and pleasant- smelling leading to the ingestion. Hydrocarbons ingestion is most frequently seen in children under the age of 6.

Majority of these accidental poisonings – more than 90% occur in the home in the presence of parents. Minor household distractions - the telephone, the doorbell or checking something cooking on the stove allows sufficient time for the little kids to harm themselves. Hydrocarbons ingestion is most frequently seen in children under the age of 6.

The incidence and type of the accidental ingestions in children along with the morbidity associated with it will be analysed. An initial management protocol so as to reduce complications and shorten hospital stay will be discussed with special reference to hydrocarbon ingestion. Strategies to prevent domestic substance ingestion with respect to parent education and safe storing practices will be emphasized.


Dr. Sarala Kannan studied in Stanley Medical College, Madras University, Chennai , India and graduated as MBBS in 1988. She then completed her DNB, Pediatrics ( National Board of Examinations) in New Delhi , India and obtained her degree in 2003. She worked in Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur India as a General Pediatrician, along with teaching undergraduates, and postgraduates of Pediatrics. She has served as the DNB coordinator for Pediatrics of Tata Main Hospital. Dr. Sarala was also the President of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics Jamshedpur Branch 2012. Her services as a senior consultant in Pediatrics in the institution continued till Jan 2021 when she retired and chose to become a private practitioner in Hyderabad, India . During her tenure she has won several awards for scientific presentation.