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Aftab Yusuf Raj, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Square Multidisciplinary Tertiary Care Hospital, Bangladesh


Human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) contain numerous biomolecules. It is the third most abM1dnnt solid component Of.breast milk, after lactose and lipids, that plays an imEuvtant role infamt growth and the development Oflife. Several Studies have reported the health benefits Of Which include modulation of the intestinaladhesive effect against pathogens, modulation of the intestinal epithelial cell response, development of the immune system,increasing the intestinal barrier and so many health benefits can he achieved through the presence of HMOS in breast milk.Infant growth is indirectly dir&tly on so many compounds of the biological and chemical composition of mothermilk, HMOs are eme of thetn. The genetic background of thc mothers and thc diversity of HMOs are determined and the non•secretor mothers HMOS than Secretor mothers. 'The breastfed infants of Secretor mothers gain more healthbenefits Lhamthose Of mothers thc study critically the role of HMOs in proper growth. immunesystem. and development in Iu:alth impact of infants at-ld toddlers. The study also focuses on current knowledge ofthe HMOs study and the beneficial effect of HMOs types and their importance to infant growth and protection against NECHMOs are applied now in infant to imitative nutrition composition of breast milk and their study and challcmges arevastly discussed in a specific manner in the human study, In it is stated that supplementation of infant formulawith 2'-FL LNnT is a promising innovation for infant.