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Gabriella Di Rosa

Gabriella Di Rosa , Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Gabriella Di Rosa
University Hospital of Messina, Italy


Prof. Gabriella Di Rosa was born in Messina, Italy, on November 26th , 1975. She graduated in Medicine and Surgery Degree Course at the Medical School of the University of Messina, Messina, Italy on 2000 and achieved the residency degree of “Child Neuropsychiatrist” on 2006.

Since 22/12/2011- ongoing: prof. Di Rosa, clinical and research position at Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, University Hospital of Messina.
Since 2014 ongoing:Head of the outpatient unit of neonatal-infantile neurology (0-24) (follow-up of the preterm and at-risk infant). She gained the Italian national Scientific Board, associate professor, MACROAREA 06/G1 “General and Specialistic Pediatrics and Child Neuropsychiatry” (ART. 16 L.240/2010) April 10th2017.
Since May, 2019 ongoing: Prof. Di Rosa gained the role of Head of Unit of Child Neuropsychiatry, University Hospital of Messina, according to resolution of the General Director # 0009983/2019 May 23rd 2019.
Since October 15th 2021 she was named Head of the Degree Course on Neuropsychomotor therapy of the Developing Age, University of Messina, Messina, Italy.
Since May 31the, 2021 she is the Director of the Child Neurology and Psychiatry Residency School, University of Messina, Messina, Italy.