EPN 2019

Kogoro Iwanaga

Kogoro Iwanaga, Speaker at Kogoro Iwanaga: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Kogoro Iwanaga
Department of Pediatrics, Kyoto University Hospital, Kyoto-City, Japan


Dr Kogoro Iwanaga is neonatologist with expertise in Endocrinology and NICU telemedicine. He currently serves as the director of the NICU at Kyoto University Hospital, Japan. In addition to practicing neonatal endocrinology, Dr. Iwanaga is a member of neonatal cardio-pulmonary resuscitation training committee in Japan, and involved in educational-system developing team in Kyoto University and Ritsumeikan University. He has participated in educational and medical support projects “the Kyoto University Bhutan Friendship program” in Bhutan