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EPN 2023

Mariam Kapanadze

Mariam Kapanadze, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Mariam Kapanadze
European University, Georgia


I, Dr. Mariam studied medicine in Tbilisi state medical university in Georgia and graduated as MD in 2011. Then I started to work in two different clinics as a doctor. In 2014 I started my residency in general pediatry and got license in 2017. Then in 2019 I got my second license as a pediatric cardio-rheumatologist at the same institution. I received my PhD degree in 2022. From 2016 I started also my academic activity in Tbilisi state medical university. Nowadays I am working as an associated Proff. In European University in Tbilisi and also I am a head of clinical skills department in Georgian Technical University.