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Ostrowski Zygmunt Leonidas, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Ostrowski Zygmunt Leonidas
European Association for Child Development, France


Dr. Zygmunt Leonidas Ostrowski, a French national based in Paris, boasts a rich and diverse background in medicine, public health, and humanitarian work spanning several decades. With a foundation in medicine from prestigious institutions such as the University of Paris VII and the Polish Academy of Science, Dr. Ostrowski has dedicated his career to child development, nutrition, and public health, serving as President of the European Association for Child Development since 1976. He has held prominent roles including Acting Regional Advisor for Maternal and Child Health at the World Health Organization and membership in the UNICEF/NGO Committee for Eastern & Central Europe. Dr. Ostrowski's extensive fieldwork and research in Sudan, Uganda, Poland, and beyond have culminated in over 24 published books and numerous scientific articles, addressing critical issues such as tuberculosis, childhood obesity, and nutritional status. Decorated with honors including the Officer of the Polish Order of Merit and the UNICEF Order of "SMILE," Dr. Ostrowski continues to leave an indelible mark through his humanitarian efforts, scientific contributions, and unwavering dedication to global health and well-being.