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V Sivaprakasam, Speaker at Neonatology Conference
V Sivaprakasam
Indian Academy of Pediatrics, India or Natraja Children's Hospital and Child development Center, India


Dr.V.Sivaprakasam got MD Pediatrics in 1982 (Madras University) .PG Diploma in Adolescent Pediatrics and Developmental Neurology. He has Nataraja Children’s Hospital and Child Developmental Centre in Chidambaram Tamil Nadu India. He was President of IAP Tamil Nadu and, a National EB member for 3 years. National Trainer for Learning Disability and NDD. He got FIAP Award, Senior Pediartician Award and Dr.Balagopal Raju’s Active Pediatrician Award.  He Designed a validated Tool Tamil Nadu Dyslexia Screening Checklist. & IAP Immunization and Developmental card. Released a booklet “Upgraded Parenting and Child Development Guide”. Conducting workshops on “Developmental Assessment Made Easy” in many places.