EPN 2022

V Sivaprakasam

V Sivaprakasam , Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
V Sivaprakasam
Indian Academy of Pediatrics & Natraja Children's Hospital and Child development center Chidambaram, India


Dr. V. Sivaprakasam studied in Madras University in Tamil Nadu India and had his MD Degree in Pediatrics in 1982. He did PG Diploma in Adolescent Pediatrics and Developmental Neurology from Kerala University. He had his own Nataraja children’s Hospital and Child developmental centre at Chidambaram Tamil Nadu India. He is a member of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and served in many levels in the academy, President of IAP Tamil Nadu in 2012, National Executive board member for 3 years and State projects coordinator at present. National Trainer for Learning Disability and NDD. In IAP and Government National Health Mission. He got the highest honour from IAP, FIAP Award - Fellow in Indian Academy of Pediatrics . He also got Senior Pediartician Award and Dr. Balagopal Raju’s Active Pediatrician Award He trained several Doctors and 2000 Teachers on LD He Designed a Tool to screen children with Dyslexia with his team. He also designed an Immunization and Developmental card to assess Development in routine Pediatric office practice.