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EPN 2018

Tiziana Greggi

Tiziana Greggi, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute, Italy
Title : Vertebro-medullary injuries in the pediatric age


Vertebro-medullary injuries before the age of 15 years are a relatively rare occurrence, if compared to adults, in terms of trauma mechanics, treatment and follow-up. Overall, the incidence of severe traumas in infants and children is about 1:100 with respect to adults, and only 5% of traumatic paraplegia is encountered in infants and children. On the other hand, spinal cord injuries without fracture, which are extremely rare in adults, represent about 1/3 of the traumatic spinal cord injuries in infants and children. Complete spinal cord injuries are more often encountered in children, whereas they are observed only in 50% of the adults. The pathogenetic mechanism is often vascular with haemorrhage, generally resulting in flaccid paralysis. In children, spinal shock is shorter if compared to the 4 to 6 weeks observed in adults; very often, few hours are enough to see the sacral reflex restored. There are no significant differences between children and adults, except for the greater caution necessary when examining a child who won’t cooperate in the best way.


Tiziana Greggi is the Head of the Department of Spinal Deformity Surgery at the Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute. Her main field of interest is the study and treatment of spinal deformities. She has published more than 200 scientific papers: with more than 1200 citations. She was the coordinator in charge of the research project titled Clinical and diagnostic course for patients affected by Prader Willi Syndrome, promoted by the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanita (Italian Health Institute)-National Centre for Rare Diseases, in cooperation with the Office for Rare Diseases (NIH-National Institutes of Health, USA) within the main project line 2006 Rare Diseases. She was the President of the XXXVI National Meeting of Spine Surgery and Scoliosis (GIS) in 2013. Every year she is the director of different scientific courses about Deformity Surgery at Rizzoli Institute. She has taken part in more than 60 international conferences as faculty