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EPN 2020

Neena Shilen

Neena Shilen, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Sunrise Hospital, India
Title : Successful outcomes with early intervention by combined comprehensive approach in treatment of Autism: A 10 years retrospective study


This is a retrospective study of outcomes in all children with autism who received early interventions between 15 months to 3 years of age with combined protocol treatment. The study also compares the percentage of children getting similar outcomes in age groups >3 to 5 yrs., >5to 10 yrs. age groups. Relation of outcomes to severity of autism at the time of diagnosis was also assessed. It was found that the children who received early intervention with combined pharmacological, ABA, O.T, speech and nutritional therapy were close to neurotypical than who received only ABA, O.T, speech and 1;1 IEP. Patients were classified according to age with assessment of CARS score confirmed cases of autism, patient w regression of speech and severity (mild, moderate and severe) and age groups Patients with global delay, chromosomal anomalies, seizure disorder and other medical or neurological disorders were excluded from study. The most important predictor was the age of intervention and treatment protocols. The difference in optimal outcomes were 61 to 66% in 15 months to 3 years; 27 to 35% in > 3 to 5 years; and 0 to 6% years in >5to 10 years group. The combined protocol was showing significant difference in moderate and severe cases till 5 years of age. After 5 years, there was no significant difference in any treatment protocols. Other important pre determinants for successful outcomes were parental counselling, parental acceptance and regular follow up with a focal person who could explain, counsel and direct to other disciplines. For determining the long-term outcomes, the longest period of follow up was 10years and shortest period 2years.


Dr. Neena Shilen is a Developmental Pediatrician with 12 years of expertise in autism treatment and research. She currently serves as the Head of Department and Consultant in Department of Developmental Pediatrics at Sunrise Hospital in Kochi, Kerala, India. She earned her MBBS and M.D (Pediatrics) from Pt. JNM Medical college, Raipur, India. She has also done residency in Pediatrics in Children’s National Medical Center, Washington D.C. She has also worked as a registrar in Neonatology, as Lecturer in Pariyaram Medical College and as Assistant surgeon in Govt. Health Services and certified in LEND program. She has been a clinical guide to a PhD student whose paper on” Genetic association of DNMT variants in autism”, was published in 2019. Currently a clinical guide to a post doctorate fellow for A study on ‘Early detection of autism with analysis of MRI brain using AI and machine learning”