EPN 2020

Gamal Al Saied

Gamal Al Saied, Speaker at Gamal Al Saied: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Al Azhar University, Egypt
Title : Unusal cause of small bowel obstructions in infants: A warning letter to parents


Foreign body ingestion is a common problem in the pediatric age group. Infants and young children explore objects by putting them in the mouth. Decorative crystal balls swell when they come in contact with water or water containing solutions. This may result in grave complications. Herein, we report on an unusual cause of small-bowel obstructions in three infants due to ingestion of decorative crystal ball. The audience should know that: Some foreign bodies can be harmful and require immediate intervention. In case of crystal gel ball ingestion, immediate endoscopic retrieval is recommended if the patient presents immediately after ingestion. Parent’s awareness through media is required to abandon decorative crystal gel balls in houses and where children can ingest these toxic materials


Professor Gamal Al Saied had been graduated in December 1986 from Al-Azhar University with Bachelor Degree in medicine and surgery with general grade very good with honor. His rank was the 9th in top 10  graduate  list of Faculty of Medicine Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. He had got the Master Degree (MSc) in pediatric surgery, in November 1991. Then, he was appointed as a demonstrator of pediatric surgery in 1992, then, assistant lecturer of pediatric surgery in 1993 in the Pediatric Surgery Department. He had got a Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in November1998. Then, he was promoted to a lecturer of pediatric surgery in the Pediatric Surgery Department. In May-2004, he was promoted to an assistant professor of pediatric surgery in Pediatric Surgical department, AlAzhar University Hospitals. In 2008, he had got a Fellowship of European Board in Pediatric Surgery, Glasgow, Scotland. In June 2009 he was promoted to be a full professor of pediatric surgery in Pediatric Surgical department, Al-Azhar University Hospitals. He had 2 published theses (MSc and MD) and he supervised 2 thesis of Master Degree. Also, he has published 35 international researches in international journals of pediatric surgery and chapter in international text book (CURRENT CONCEPTS OF URETHROPLASTY) Edited by Donkov I. 2011, pp 35-42. He has invited as an international speaker and chairperson in many international conferences of pediatric surgery. Currently, He is an Editor in Chief for 2 international pediatric surgery journals and editor for 13 international pediatric surgery journals. He is also reviewers for many international pediatric surgery journals. In 2003, he was the founder and head of pediatric surgery unit at King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital Taif, Saudi Arabia. He has a great and long term experience in neonatal and pediatric surgery field (open and laparoscopic). Recently, in era of COVID 19, he has invited as an international speaker in many international pediatric surgery webinars. Research interest: Neonatal and pediatric laparoscopic surgery and Hypospadiology.