EPN 2022

Shailaja Sandeep Jaywant

Shailaja Sandeep Jaywant , Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
L.T.M.Medical College & G.Hospital, India
Title : Effect of PIOMI with tactile kinesthetic respiratory muscle stimulation on neurobehavioural regulation in Preterm Infants- Pilot study


Introduction / Rationale:
In preterm infants  development of feeding skills are may be affected due to inappropriate neurobehavioural organisation,  leading to  delays the discharge from the hospital. Premature infant oral motor intervention (PIOMI), has shown the positive effects on feeding progression leading to early discharge. Tactile .kinesthetic & respiratory muscle stimulation with PIOMI in preterm infants, shown  improvement in oramotor abilities, with better neurobehavioural organisation leading to early discharge.

The study was done to analyse effect of the PIOMI with tactile, Kinaesthetic respiratory muscle stimulation on achieving neurobehavioural regulation post  intervention  & number of days to achieve full feeds & evaluate is efficacy against PIOMI

Method / Approach:
Sixty eight clinically stable infants admitted in premature care unit, fulfilling inclusion criterion were enrolled & were allocated as. Infants receiving PIOMI (Control group) and infants receiving PIOMI with tactile kinesthetic respiratory muscle stimulation (Experimental group), for 10 minutes each day. Data was collected for day of full feeds, pre - post intervention Neurobehavioural status and duration  of hospital stay

Results and or Practice Implications:
Gestational age at full feeds was 33.65 weeks and 32.60 weeks in control & experimental groups respectively with ‘p’ value 0.002.Number of days of full  feed  in experimental group was 4.9days earlier than control group. 93.8% infants from Control group & 98.4%infants from experimental group had achieved neurobehavioural stability post intervention.

Preterm infants  tolerated both interventions. Preterm infants from experimental group improved significantly in neurobehavioural organization & achieved  full feeds early leading to reduced hospital stay.


What will audience learn from your presentation?

  • Audience will know the newly designed protocol for oral motor intervention.
  • They will get insight about effect of intervention protocol on Neurobehavioural status, which is important aspect of Wee care, a newly developed concept for neonatal care.
  • The audience may use the concept during handling of preterm neonates
  • Further research on larger population may be helpful in formulating gudelines based on developmental care in NICU
  • Faculty can further do a research on long term outcome of these stimulations on neurodevelopment of preterm  infants
  • The novoce  professionals may be trained for the graded protocol may prove  to be effective in preterm infant handling
  • The vital parameters are also considered during designing & administration of protocol.



Dr Shailaja Jaywant has studied in Seth G .S Medical college affiliated to Mumbai University. Is faculty in Occupational Therapy for more than 26 years. She is pursuing her PhD in occupational Therapy under able guidance of Dr Jayashri Kale under MUHS.She  is guiding post graduate students since last 20 years & also a recognized PhD guide .Ppublished more than30 research articles in  national & international journals  & was a  faculty for workshops in  developmental care   in  Neonatology .Received  fellowship of All India Occupational Therapy Association , is a faculty for Fellowship program in developmental Disorders at national level.