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I M Rogers, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
AIMST University, Malaysia


There is no officially accepted explanation why Pyloric Stenosis of Infancy (PS)occurs. The clinical features which consist of male predominance; onset at 4 weeks; long term cure after temporary medical treatment; spontaneous long term cure if the baby survives more than 6 weeks; first-born predominance and frequent alkalosis—have all combined to make the cause almost impossible to deduce.

This author will provide evidence that the normal negative feed-back between gastrin and gastric acidity does not exist at birth and takes a few weeks to mature.

Viewed from this perspective that cause becomes quite easy to understand.

Normal development with a temporary absent negative feed-back requires that there will be peak acidity at the time when negative feed-back matures. With normal babies this serves to protect them from enteric infections. With a baby who inherits an acid secreting potential at the top of the range, this peak acidity at maturity becomes so intense that the pyloric sphincter contracts so often and so vigorously that the sphincter becomes hypertrophic and the gastric outlet is blocked.


I.M.Rogers is a retired surgeon with a long-standing interest in the cause. He made the earliest discovery of neonatal hypergastrinaemia and also was ,as far as I know, to document hyperacidity in the pyloric stenosis(PS) baby. He first proposed an inherited primary hyperacidity as the cause and subsequently refined this theory in the light of evidence showing insensitivity of the negative feed-back between acid and gastrin in the early weeks. He is the author of The Consequences and Cause of PS of Infancy with a survivor of PS-Dr. Fred. Vanderbom available on AMAZON ISBN 978-3-659-52125—6 and has just finished another book Pyloric stenosis of Infancy-the Great Mystery unravels- again published by Amazon all profits to the Safe Water Trust.Available 2019. He is also the author of many paers on the subject of cause.