EPN 2022

Josefina Mazal Cemborain

Josefina Mazal Cemborain, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Creer y Crear, Argentina
Title : Students with autism in the first person. points of view of students with asd and their families on the inclusive educational experience in mainstream schools in the province of Misiones, Argentina


Background: Misiones is a province in the northeast of the Argentine. Its population is diverse and with great cultural contributions has descendants of local Guarani aboriginal communities and European immigration. At present there are no epidemiological studies of ASD in the region or data on health and education services for people with ASD and their families. Our research focuses on the perception of students with ASD about the support devices they have during the inclusion process in mainstream schools and how parents of students with ASD perceive the supports their children receive, their scope and limitations.

What will audience learn from your presentation?


  • You will learn about the educational context of children and young people with autism, and the importance of its implication in every moment.
  • Acquire resources to understand and contain the disruptive behaviors of children and young people with autism.
  • Acquire strategies to manage the emotional dysregulations of children and young people with autism.
  • Update of the needs and priorities in autism.
  • Understanding autism in educational contexts
  • Resources for inclusion and coexistence, in spaces of social interaction.
  • They will be able to put into practice tools and supports to accost the inclusion and educational coexistence of children and young people with autism.
  • They will receive information for the practices, and therefore improve interactions with people on the autism spectrum.
  • It is possible to extend and continue this research. Its provides consistent information to provide immediate and priority solutions to the accessibility of ordinary education for people with autism spectrum.
  • It could help with the problem, to get and care for a person with autism, knowing and acquiring more and better tools, simplifying the treatment or interaction with children and young people with autism in the educational context, or other contexts such as the context of health and thus improve inclusion and healthy coexistence.
  • The data of the present research could be available to teachers, managers, professionals in the area of health and education, relatives of girls, boys, young people and adults with and without Autism Spectrum
  • It will acquire tools so that children and young people with autism have access to a kinder inclusion and coexistence.


Lic. Josefina Mazal Cemborain, studied Psychologist in Buenos Aires University, Buenos Aires, Argentina and graduated in 2006. She continued studding to became an Autism Specialist, in USA and then in Argentina. She opens with a partner an Autism Center: Creer&Crear; in Posadas Misiones, Argentina. She starts working in Autism research in 2015.