EPN 2022

Christopher S Snyder, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Christopher S Snyder, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, United States

Background:  Hemangiomas are the most common soft-tissue tumors affecting neonates and rarely lead to complications. Objectives:  Assess cost-effectiveness of management of infantile hemangiomas via Telehealth (TH) versus in-person (IP) visits. Methods:  P [....] » Read More

Neil R M Buist, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Neil R M Buist, Oregon Health & Science University, United States

Background: Feeding problems in small infants are extremely common; they are usually assessed by trained clinical observers. We describe a small device that captures continuous sucking pressures that can be used to provide information about a number of oral physiologic parameters [....] » Read More

Gabriella Di Rosa , Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Gabriella Di Rosa , University Hospital of Messina, Italy

Preterm birth is defined by the WHO as a live birth before 37 completed weeks of gestation and an increase has been recently recorded, representing nowadays the 10,6% of all births. Prematurity is considered a risk factor both for shorter- and longer-term complications and it is [....] » Read More

Izel Caliskan, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Izel Caliskan, Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals, United Kingdom

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is, for many a place where there are significant levels of physical and emotional distress. Over the last decade, there has been greater awareness of the experiences and needs of children, parents, and staff in PICU. The British Paediatri [....] » Read More

Shailaja Sandeep Jaywant , Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shailaja Sandeep Jaywant , L.T.M.Medical College & G.Hospital, India

Introduction / Rationale: In preterm infants  development of feeding skills are may be affected due to inappropriate neurobehavioural organisation,  leading to  delays the discharge from the hospital. Premature infant oral motor intervention (PIOMI), has shown the [....] » Read More

Deepa Awasthi, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Deepa Awasthi, L.T.M.Medical College & G.Hospital, India

Background: Nervous system development and maturity of sucking organization, occur in parallel. Clinical assessment of an infant’s oral-motor system, may provide an inexpensive measure of early neurological function. Aim: To analyse Neonatal Feeding Assessment [....] » Read More

Christopher S Snyder, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Christopher S Snyder, UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, United States

Intro: Insertable cardiac monitors (ICM) allow evaluation of symptom-rhythm correlation. ICMs are commonly used in adults but remain uncommon in pediatric arrhythmia evaluation. Current recommendations call for ICM implant in a diagonal direction on the left anterior chest. Skin [....] » Read More

Chrysoula Papachristou, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Chrysoula Papachristou, University of Athens, Greece

Climate change threatens human health, including mental health, and access to clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food, and shelter. Everyone is affected by climate change at some point in their lives. Some people are more affected by climate change than others because of [....] » Read More

Annisa Bunga Nafara, Speaker at Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Annisa Bunga Nafara, Fatmawati Central General Hospital , Indonesia

Priapismus is the erection of penis without sexual stimulation that could happens due to blood abnormality, trapped in penis vessel, such as leukemia disease. Priapismus is rarely seen in leukemia, especially in Indonesia. However, as a developing country, there is another proble [....] » Read More

Abdullah Ali Abdullah Gafer, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Abdullah Ali Abdullah Gafer, Ministry of Public Health, Yemen

The world has made substantial progress in reducing child mortality over the last four decades. Several factors, such as implementation of high-impact child survival interventions, health system strengthening, improvements in maternal education and family income, commitments of p [....] » Read More

Rihab Ahmed Sadek, Speaker at Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Rihab Ahmed Sadek, Ministry of health , Egypt

Introduction: Although human milk is the preferred nutrition for premature infants, the major limitations have been inadequate supply(Furman et al., 2002)and suboptimal nutrients for the infant to achieve optimal growth. More effective milk expression techniques may address [....] » Read More

Corinna Mae R Carag, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Corinna Mae R Carag, St. Luke’s Medical Center- Global City, Philippines

Achalasia of the esophagus is a very rare condition, with an estimated annual incidence of 1:100,000 cases overall, and less than 5% of which occur in children (0.11 per 100,000 pediatric patients). In the Philippines, only 3 cases have been reported in the Philippine Pediatric S [....] » Read More

Petra Varga, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Poster Presentation
Petra Varga, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Objective: To describe the clinical and laboratory charactheristics, as well as the outcome of children with MIS-C in our institute. Method: Our study is a single-centre, partly retrospective, partly prospective, observational cohort study on patients aged from 1 month to 19 y [....] » Read More

Josefina Mazal Cemborain, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Josefina Mazal Cemborain, Creer y Crear, Argentina

Abstract:  Background: Misiones is a province in the northeast of the Argentine. Its population is diverse and with great cultural contributions has descendants of local Guarani aboriginal communities and European immigration. At present there are no epidemiological st [....] » Read More

Ma Samantha De La Paz, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Poster Presentation
Ma Samantha De La Paz, Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Philippines

Background: HBV infection is highly endemic in the Philippines. The WHO estimates that the prevalence of HBV is about 1 in 10 people. Moreover, a study in 2013 reported a HBsAg seroprevalence of 16.7%, translating to an estimated 7.3 million Filipino adults. Chronic hepatitis B i [....] » Read More

Yoon Kyung Cho, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Yoon Kyung Cho, Catholic University of Korea Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, Korea, Republic of

Background: Staphylococcus aureus was rare pathogen in children. Recently, its incidence has increased and became a significant cause of community acquired (CA) infection. It is important to know the characteristic, as it can lead to adverse outcomes, including pneumatoceles [....] » Read More

Lileth D C Lobederio, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Lileth D C Lobederio, St. Luke’s Medical Center- Quezon City, Philippines

Background: Diagnosis of neonatal sepsis remains to be a challenge because of its nonspecific symptoms and the limitations in sensitivities and specificities of laboratory markers. Recent studies have shown correlation between ted cell distribution width (RDW) with sepsis an [....] » Read More

Steven M Donn, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Steven M Donn, University of Michigan, United States

Abstract: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) is the most common and important respiratory morbidity of prematurity, affecting thousands of infants worldwide annually. In this presentation, I will highlight the significance of BPD from both individual and societal perspectives, disc [....] » Read More

Janet Mattsson, Speaker at Janet Mattsson: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Keynote Presentation
Janet Mattsson, The Swedish Red Cross University College, Sweden

Abstract Background: Substance withdrawal is one of the most common advert events in the pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), as the administration of potent opiates and sedative drugs is frequently performed several times each day. Objectives: To describe challenges in the [....] » Read More

Kate Tauber , Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Kate Tauber , Albany Medical Center, United States

The use of human breast milk has long been considered the standard for infant feeding and nutrition.  The benefits of breastmilk have been shown to be especially valuable in the growth and development of preterm infants with decreased rates of necrotizing enterocolitis, decr [....] » Read More

Smaragdi Fessatou, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Smaragdi Fessatou, University of Athens, Greece

Lactose Intolerance is a condition that results from inadequate digestion and absorption of foods containing lactose. In order to be absorbed, lactose is broken down to D-glucose and D- galactose, which is facilitated by the enzyme lactase. Approximately 70% of the world’s [....] » Read More

Gamal Al Saied, Speaker at Gamal Al Saied: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Gamal Al Saied, Al Azhar University, Egypt

Congenital  huge neck swellings causing  airway obstruction  in  neonates  are very rare pathological lesions  and they carry a potentially lethal prognosis if not immediately diagnosed  and managed  properly. The site of their origin, cyst [....] » Read More

Selim Oncel, Speaker at Selim Oncel: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Selim Oncel, Kocaeli University, Turkey

Abstract: Objective: Acute rhinosinusitis is a disease that is often confused with viral upper respiratory tract infections during childhood. This study was carried out on physicians working in pediatrics and child's health, otorhinolaryngology, and family medicine fiel [....] » Read More

Sarala Kannan, Speaker at Sarala Kannan: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Sarala Kannan, Tata Main Hospital, India

It only takes a moment for a small child to find and swallow something poisonous. The most common accidental ingestions in children are of household products, such as cleaning substances, medications, cosmetics, personal care products, and foreign bodies. Often, the products are [....] » Read More

V Sivaprakasam , Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Oral Presentation
V Sivaprakasam , Indian Academy of Pediatrics & Natraja Children's Hospital and Child development center Chidambaram, India

Introduction: The Incidence of Autism, ADHD and LD is increasing. We need to reduce it in a easy and simple way. How & why the Immunization and Developmental Card Developed: We need a very simple and quick method to assess development in a busy paediatric office practice [....] » Read More

Kristina Dimitrijevic, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Kristina Dimitrijevic, University clinic of pulmonology and allergology-Skopje, Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

The phacomatoses are   congenital disorders associated with defect of tumor suppressing gene, affecting tissues of ectodermal origin as, nervous system, the skin, the retina, visceral organs. In classical group of phacomatoses 4 diseases are included: Von Recklinghausen [....] » Read More

Aida Hussein Mohammed Alsadeeq, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Aida Hussein Mohammed Alsadeeq, University of Aden, Yemen

Introduction: In 2015, Yemen spiraled into armed crisis and the ongoing fighting, which has been dating back to 2011 with low level of conflict, has escalated and pushing Yemen to the brink of famine. The study aimed to describe the pattern of undernutrition and outcome indi [....] » Read More

Demeke Mesfin, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Demeke Mesfin, Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia

Background: Although prematurity was the leading cause of neonatal mortality, the survival rate and its predictors may be varied from setting to setting and time to time. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the survival probability and predictors of mortality among preterm neon [....] » Read More

Saroja Weerakoon, Speaker at W.A.S. Saroja Weerakoon: Speaker for Pediatrics Conference
Oral Presentation
Saroja Weerakoon, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a severely degenerative, inherited disorder of skeletal and cardiac muscles that affects 1 in 3500 male births. Becker Muscular Dystrophy (BMD) is also an inherited disease with a male distribution pattern and a clinical picture similar to tha [....] » Read More

Mohammed Rizwan, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Oral Presentation
Title : Omphalocele
Mohammed Rizwan, Kerala University of Health Sciences, India

An omphalocele is a ventral defect of the umbilical ring resulting in herniation of the abdominal viscera. Omphaloceles occur in 1 in 3,000 to 10,000 live births. Associated malformations such as chromosomal, cardiac, or genitourinary abnormalities are common. Postnatal managemen [....] » Read More

Nupur Pandey, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Oral Presentation
Nupur Pandey, MLB Medical College, India

Objective: To study the seroprevalence, clinical and laboratory profile, and differentiating features of scrub typhus in children. Methods: Children admitted or presenting to OPD at a public teaching hospital with acute undifferentiated febrile illness,  between September [....] » Read More

Grace Williams, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Grace Williams, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Background: A foetal cystic hygroma (FCH) is a congenital malformation that presents as fluid filled sacs in the lymphatic system. The prognosis of cystic hygromas depends on the stage of diagnosis, with those identified in the first trimester displaying poorer prognoses. Li [....] » Read More

Sophie Noelle Hackenbruch, Speaker at Pediatrics Conferences
Poster Presentation
Sophie Noelle Hackenbruch, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

Background and Aim: Congenital diaphragmatic herniae (CDH) have a high incidence rate on the Maltese islands, but little is known about their associations and maternal risk factors. A nationwide study in a country where abortion is still illegal, allowing more data to be use [....] » Read More

Tran Thi Thanh Hang, Speaker at Neonatology Conferences
Poster Presentation
Tran Thi Thanh Hang, Vietnam National Children’s Hospital , Vietnam

Aim: To determine the feasibility and effectiveness of a non-servocontrolled cooling method during transportation of asphyxiated infants with suspected HIE (Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy) with the aim to reduce the time it takes to start cooling in low resource settings. Met [....] » Read More

Nguyen Minh Khoi, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Nguyen Minh Khoi, Vietnam National Children’s Hospital , Vietnam

Background: A lobectomy is a surgical procedure where an entire lobe of the lung is removed, wherein the pulmonary vein, pulmonary artery and bronchus to the involved lobe are individually dissected, ligated and divided. The first robotic lobectomy worldwide was performed [....] » Read More

Paolo Gene A Becina, Speaker at Neonatal Conferences
Poster Presentation
Paolo Gene A Becina, Philippine Pediatric Society, Philippines

Background: Pediatric acute liver failure (ALF) is a devastating disease in which previously healthy children rapidly lose hepatic function due to a variety of causes and become critically ill within days. Management is largely supportive and only few conditions are amenable to d [....] » Read More