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Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology and Dentistry

Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology and Dentistry

The field of paediatric otolaryngology deals with illnesses and problems of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) region, as well as adjacent parts of the head and neck in newborns. Pediatric otorhinolaryngologists, Pediatric otolaryngologists, Pediatric ENT doctors, Pediatric ENT surgeons, or head and neck surgeons are doctors who specialise in this field. For disorders of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as the management of head and neck cancers, patients seek care from an otorhinolaryngologist. The paediatric otolaryngology (ENT) team has extensive experience caring for children with serious medical and surgical conditions of the ear, nose, and throat, including those related to breathing and the airway, feeding and swallowing, voice and speech, the face and skull (craniofacial), the nose and sinuses, sleep, foetal issues, and head and neck tumours.

Pediatric dentistry involves the practise, teaching, and study of preventative oral care in children from infancy to puberty. Pediatric dentists are experts in all aspects of oral health treatment for children who are still growing. They also provide specialist dental care for children who are unwell or disadvantaged. Pediatric dentistry is one of the seven dental clinical specialties recognised by the American Dental Association. It covers all aspects of adult dentistry that can be used on kids. However, it also comprises a number of procedures tailored to the unique demands of primary (baby) teeth and the obstacles that a growing child face.

Committee Members
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Steven M Donn

Steven M Donn

University of Michigan, United States
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Heather Hanna

Heather Hanna

Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Kate Tauber

Kate Tauber

Albany Medical Center, United States
EPN 2023 Speakers
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Hanna Alonim

Hanna Alonim

The Mifne Center for Treatment Research and Training, Israel
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Zhenhuan LIU

Zhenhuan LIU

Nanhai Affiliated Hospital for Women and Children Guangzhou University Chinese Medicine, China
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Patricia Abigail B Miranda

Patricia Abigail B Miranda

St. Luke’s Medical Center, Philippines
Speaker at Pediatrics and Neonatology 2023 - Antonia Harold Barry

Antonia Harold Barry

Cork University Hospital, Ireland

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